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I am a 12 year old entrepreneur; my business is called “KEYS” which stands for “Keep Educating YourSelf”. I am a big promoter of the importance of education because I know that knowledge is power that no one can take from you.

I’m most proud that I turned out to be a self-confident, smart, historian-astronomer. Just a heads up, I day-dream a little. My favorite subject would be between science and social studies. Science is my favorite because I love astronomy because there is so many unknown things out there. I just want to learn it all and social studies is my second favorite because I love learning about war and world changing events, and the history of different countries outside our own.

If I could use my skills to change my community or the world; I would use them to inspire and to make people believe that they can be somebody. I would be the example of the change I want to see because it would influence change in thinking and I want people to believe/know they can do anything.