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Bentley Brown

Bentley Brown

Bentley Brown, is a 8 year old boy who loves art. He and his brother strongly believe that “art makes people happy”. He truly enjoys having roots in the NC mountains and Argentina!

He is proud of his Argentinian great grandpa, Dado, who is an expert in textiles, a poet, pottery maker and inventor. He also admires his tío Victor, who is a very successful and creative entrepreneur.

Bentley initially founded Lava Inc all by himself, but because he is a good big brother and smart entrepreneur, he decided to incorporate his little brother, Brantley, and his “Boats for Joy” initiative. Today, both brothers are proud co-owners of Lava Inc and they expect to bring happiness to homes, offices or those special occasions with their art. They also expect to earn enough money to buy more materials, save money and to take the whole family out for dinner!



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July 18, 2018