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Aja Cobbs

Aja Cobbs

My name is Aja Cobbs. I am a native of Asheville, NC. I am 26 years old and the creator of The Art Trap House. The Art Trap House is a creative platform for black artists to showcase and share their creations, music, ideas and much more.

I began The Art Trap House in 2016 in Charlotte, NC. The event was originally supposed to take place in three cities: Charlotte, NC, Atlanta, GA and Asheville, NC. However, after the first show other cities across the nation began to request the tour. The Art Trap House is an accessible art show that provides an opportunity for black artists to showcase and gain the proper exposure to help their careers as they begin their creative journey to success. Since the initial launch, I have traveled to Charlotte, NC (twice), Atlanta, GA (twice), Asheville, NC (twice), Washington DC, Philadelphia, PA (twice), Austin, Texas, and Baltimore, MD.

I have worked with over 400 artists. I am very much my brand and I enjoy it to the fullest. Every day I get to support both artists and my community at the same time. There is no better feeling than knowing you’re helping someone progress in their life. 

The Art Trap House brings an energy that people gravitate to. I am excited to share this energy with the youth!!!



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July 3, 2018